April 20, 2023


Cerulean tears and scarlet sentiments.

In this series, I aim to explore the various facets of female sensuality through a range of different moods and emotions, from the depths of sadness to the heights of mania. I wanted to explore the raw and unfiltered essence of the female experience and reveal the vulnerability, passion, and intensity within every woman. Each photograph is a journey into a different emotional state, where the subject's body language, facial expressions and surroundings, convey a sense of mood and atmosphere that is evocative and personal. These images invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the depth and complexity of the female experience, and to appreciate the beauty and power of women everywhere.



Credits :

Models (In order of appearance) : Leah A, Gracie D, Ariella, Gabbi G, Claire B

Film : Cinestill 400D + Portra 400 + Polaroid 600 + Expired Blue Polaroid (i-Film)

Camera : Nikon F100 + Polaroid 600

Film Lab : Indie Film Lab 

Locations : Salem, MA + Keene, NH, Denmark, ME, Laguna Beach, CA