September 17, 2022

Twelve Dancing Princesses

narrative portraits

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

This shoot has many layers to it. I originally did this concept in high school when I first started photography. I remember thinking back then that I'd like to try the concept again, as I wasn't skilled enough at the time to achieve the vision I was seeing in my head.

Jump ahead to 2016, I released a song that I wrote called "Golden Room" that was based on this fairy tale as well. I've always loved this story, so I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do. I'm so grateful for everyone that was involved in making this project happen - credits are at the bottom.

Golden Room

by Anna Madsen

candles sparkle everywhere
violets nestled in my hair
perfume clings to your collar
nothing in the world could bother
all the dancers
all the dreams
whisking away the night
hush now my dear its time
time to meet me
time to meet me
in the golden room
the bells will toll
when midnight arrives
and I must say, say goodbye
the world around me
spins in color
its in these moments
I do wonder
out of all the dancers
all the dreamers
I was the name you did whisper
the lady in the worn slippers
time to meet me
time to meet me
in the golden room