concepts ready to go

Much like tattoo artists having pre made designs for sale, I have concepts that I've already thought about and could put together very easily because of existing props and wardrobe I've already secured. I work with designers and other creatives to bring stories to life, so each concept is priced accordingly.

Prices may vary depending on location and wardrobe.


We all know the story of Ophelia - but what if the story ended differently? Imagine yourself in a beautiful medieval dress draped in flowers as you float in a lily pad pond awaiting your lover to come find you. This concept would work well with a couple.


Persephone Escapes

In this concept, Persephone escapes Hades instead of becoming the queen of the underworld. Location would be at the entrance of a cave and wardrobe would be Grecian. I also have props (including a realistic looking wig to go along with the goddess vibe) that would lend itself well to this story.


Rebirth of Arachne (SOLD)

I have realistic looking spiders and spider webs as well as a black wig that I would use to tell the story of Arachne coming back to her human form after Athena banished her to be a spider. This is a quirky concept, but would be executed in a "fine art" way.


Cinderella Wept

Depiction of Cinderella after her gown is torn to shreds. I would also want to depict her getting her new gown as well. It would be a story of courage and triumph. Price includes securing of gowns.


Dark Waltz

This concept is based on the song, "Dark Waltz" by Haley Westenra and would feature a couple dancing in full ballroom attire in the woods near an abandoned castle. Attire would need to be secured based on sizing.


Sleeping beauty

Ever wondered what Sleeping Beauty would look like if her prince didn't come for a century? This concept would include set design and attire that illustrate the passage of time (like dying flowers and a long silver wig). Location is at an abandoned castle.



Let's tell a Wild West story! Concept would be taken at a horse ranch with props (including a fake rifle) and western attire.


FLower child

1970's dreaming. This is a fashion concept that would be easy to pull together and execute based on my favorite era of music.


Lana Del rey

Who doesn't love Lana Del Rey? Let's get your flower child going and base a concept around one of her songs.